ProSI Tech Inc.

ProSI Tech Inc.

Professional Systems Integration in High Technologies – ProSI-Tech Inc. started as a sole proprietorship in 2003, and was incorporated in 2016.

It provides consultancy services for any Telecommunications, IT, and High Technology company, be it a startup or a well established one, that is looking for an efficient, knowledgeable, and honest partner.

We will accompany you in all phases of designing, developing, manufacturing, and may be marketing your products or solutions by providing:

* Complex Systems Integration and testing during all design phases of complex high-tech products or solutions involving HW, SW, RF/Wireless technologies, Networking, etc;

* Test automation fitting your own needs, using open source software and open standards;

* Design Support (HW, SW), continuous integration, DevOps;

* Design to Production Transition Support;

* Multi disciplinary team building, applying simple rules based on human approaches. Each team, each project, and each particular situation requires a specific solution. There is no unique process that can be applied everywhere… No panacea!