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16 October 2019
HumanWare named SME of the year 2019 by Quebec Technology Association (AQT)
04 June 2019 | News 
Government efficiency will be digital
21 May 2019
AQT's 5@7 Tech Entrepreneur Journey - Highlights of a memorable 2018-2019 season
14 May 2019
AQT Shares Recommendations on Bill 14 Promoting the Digital Transformation of Public Administration
27 March 2019
An AI bootcamp dedicated to the applicability of AI in the tech industry
22 March 2019 | News 
First budget Girard: a budget that opens the way to digital for the economic development of Quebec
22 March 2019 | News 
Highlights of the 2019 Federal Budget
22 February 2019
AQT-Investissement Québec CEO of the Year Award 2019 François Dion, CEO of Levio, elected by his peers
07 December 2018
The "5@7 Entrepreneur Journey" season continues with Sylvain Simpson, CEO of Croesus, in Quebec City
01 December 2018
AQT has launched its "5@7 Entrepreneur Journey" season with Alain Lavoie, CEO of Irosoft, in Montreal