Network differently with business matchmaking

Forming partnerships allows AQT members to grow their business, and it is with this objective in mind, the association worked to provide you with an intelligent matchmaking platform. Your profile and networking criteria allow our algorithms to recommend the most compatible connections for you. In addition, your membership gives you access for one year at no cost.

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Networking within the techno community is easier than ever

Forge business ties with other AQT members based on characteristics you will have pre-established. Selecting criteria such as the sector of activity or the market you wish to develop will make for targeted matches that speak to your objectives. Identifying potential partners through the platform ensures compatibility of goals, a virtual meeting place, and business opportunities that would otherwise not have arisen.

Other platform functionalities

Beyond targeted interactions, the platform offers occasional activities, conferences, and discussion forums on specific topics. Find out more about the platform in the FAQ section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Platform code of conduct

The purpose of the AQT business matchmaking platform is to provide you with a safe business exchange environment conducive to the growth of your organization through targeted matches. Access is a member privilege with a common-sense code of conduct. We will delete aggressive or inappropriate comments. Additionally, the AQT may order to expel the member upon erratic behavior.

  • Always be polite, courteous, and respectful;
  • Foster trust between yourself and other participants;
  • Except in your own private exchanges, avoid promotion and solicitation;
  • Never criticize competitors or other members;
  • Respect the confidentiality of information shared on the platform;
  • Limit yourself to content about our sector or the association.

Report any inappropriate sharing or behavior to