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Premier Partners

Great Partners



Premier partners are companies and organizations that are involved heavily in the IT industry . They contribute and get involved well beyond their membership , they are directly associated with the success of AQT.

For that, we thank them.

And for their support in the realization of projects dedicated to the development of the industry :

  • Bureau de la PME
  • CRIM
  • CNRC
  • Emploi Québec
  • TECHNOCompétences

Thank you to those members for their technological services and solutions:

  • Acomba, Accounting software
  • Dialog Insight, supplier of mailing solutions and email survey
  • Eureka, Online information service
  • Fibrenoire, optical fiber internet services
  • ITESMEDIA, Digital display
  • Netelligent, hosting service
  • NetIX, diagnostic tool
  • Oriso, cloud Computing
  • Parkour3, Website
  • SonAV, audio-visual
  • Ubity, IP telephony
  • Vircom, anti- spam services

Thank you to our Media partner