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November 29 and 30, 2022

Saint-Hyacinthe Convention Center

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CEOs and other executives including VPs, directors, managers of sales, marketing and customer relations, all from the Quebec techno sector. They are market leaders who sell in more than 140 countries. This wide variety of expertise in several fields increases the opportunities for networking and partnerships. Would you join us?


AQT’s Big Bang invites you to THINK BIG

The past two years have transformed companies’ operations and business capabilities forever. To foster their growth, technology companies must now optimize joint efforts in marketing, sales, operations, customer service and human resources. To adapt to these changes, the Big Bang AQT opens the doors to cross-functional content to take your business to the next level of growth.

More than a challenge, this accelerated change is an opportunity to:

  • Explore NEW TRENDS
  • Optimize DIGITAL TOOLS
  • Consolidate YOUR BRAND
  • Bring your CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE to an unprecedented level of satisfaction
  • And sustain your GROWTH!


Jasmin Bergeron


Professional speaker, Jasmin Bergeron has given more than 2000 conferences and training sessions around the world! Since July 24, 2016, Jasmin Bergeron has received her CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation, which is the highest international designation that can be earned in the professional speaker industry. Jasmin Bergeron has also been a full professor at the University of Quebec in Montreal for 20 years and a visiting professor at Paris Dauphine in France. He is the author and co-author of five books, more than 40 scientific research and more than 100 articles in journals such as Les Affaires, La Presse and the Wall Street Journal. More details are available at jasminbergeron.com


L’effet WOW en vente et en développement des affaires

Creating a WOW effect in sales means increasing the value of the offer for the customer, while solidifying a long-term win-win relationship! To succeed, it is therefore essential to have several qualities and interpersonal skills, both in sales-advice and in value creation! It is in this perspective that the conference “The WOW effect in sales and business development” was developed. This conference based on practice, interaction and humor was designed in cooperation with several high-performing sales consultants who stand out as much for their sales as for their success with their customers. During the conference, principles, examples, testimonies and practical exercises that you can apply quickly will be suggested to you in order to make your experience as rewarding as possible!

Corinne Lalonde


Propelled by her curiosity, Corinne Lalonde has always been fascinated by the web and the way people interact with the digital world. This is how, after completing a Master of Science in Management from HEC Montreal, his Web career took off, while this field was emerging in many organizations. Through the various companies for which she worked (Danone, L’Oréal, m0851 and Reitmans), she had the challenges of developing brand presence and online sales, launching new e-commerce platforms, to build virtual communities from scratch. Today, she contributes to the digital evolution of the Société des alcools du Québec by being responsible for the growth of the e-commerce channel and the content marketing strategy. At the same time, she teaches a digital transformation course to students of the M. Sc. in digital transformation at HEC Montréal.


To be annonced

Jean-Philippe Gauthier


Jean-Philippe Gauthier, Director, Digital Transformation, Google, Americas Platform Solutions & Innovations, is a member of the North American Media Platforms and Solutions team at Google. A lifelong tech enthusiast, he designed his first software on a Radio Shack TRS-80 when he was eleven years old. His role at Google is to act as a consultant with Canadian business executives to help them and their organization accelerate their digital transformation through the use of modern marketing strategies and techniques such as “Machine Learning”. . With a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Concordia University, Jean-Philippe is a graduate of Northwestern University and the MIT Sloan School of Management. He joined Google in 2014 after holding senior management positions at Mediative, StreamTheWorld, Lapresse.ca, Sympatico.ca, and Bell Canada.


Go from transformation to digital acceleration: three key steps defined and explained by Google

Many companies are betting on digital transformation to excel in ever more competitive markets. And those who benefit fully from this revolution are those who focus on building excellent technical and organizational capacities to strengthen their resilience while remaining agile. Thanks to this conference by Jean-Philippe Gauthier, digital transformation expert at Google, discover why preparing a structure to centralize your data, training a digitally seasoned team and creating optimized processes are essential steps to operationalize this big change. The advice and solutions offered during this conference will also allow you to assess where you are on this journey to better identify the efforts needed to successfully complete your digital transformation and dive into a new era, that of digital acceleration.

Jean-Sébastien Giroux


After accumulating more than 20 years of experience in communication and digital strategies, where he led multidisciplinary teams in industries as diverse as food, finance, real estate and tourism in Montreal and Paris , Jean-Sébastien Giroux now holds the position of Executive VP and Partner at Substance. A true pioneer of digital strategies, Jean-Sébastien has always made it his duty to help his clients evolve at the same pace as digital technology. A pillar of communications and content marketing in Quebec, he invests in the next generation as a lecturer at the University of Sherbrooke. In addition to teaching the workings of consulting services to graduating masters, he shares his experiences and knowledge through Campus Infopresse. At Infopresse, he trains industry communicators through a range of training courses mainly in social media, digital marketing and integrated communications.


Social media: create an effective strategy

Social media is an excellent marketing tool to propel your business, thanks in particular to the visibility it brings you. But you still have to know how to use them well! Creating your Facebook and Instagram page does not guarantee success, you have to know these platforms and your own objectives well in order to get the most out of them. The presentation is intended as an overview of trends and best practices in social media strategy.

Good practices and trends for the year 2023 in marketing and growth

  • Demystifying the metaverse
  • Managing data with new legislative frameworks
  • Take advantage of AI and automation
  • Attract and retain customers and talents based on your brand image
  • Increase the performance of your business from the collaboration of the sales, marketing, customer service and operations teams
  • The role of HR in countering cybersecurity issues
  • Build an effective B2B digital and social media strategy
  • And even more!

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A window on more than 140 international markets

This is your opportunity to develop trusting relationships with companies that are not only present in all sectors of economic activity, but also make sales in more than 140 countries around the world. The wide variety of expertise increases opportunities for networking and partnerships.

Technological SMEs make sales outside Quebec

Profile of participants

Participating techno members who made sales outside Quebec in 2019

Big Bang all year round

Exclusive to companies holding the AQT 2022-2023 passport

From August 2022 to June 2023 on the smart twinning platform :

  • Unlimited access to the networking platform and discussion forum
  • Ability to create private meetings or open discussion tables
  • Early access to content about technology business growth in marketing, sales, operations, customer service and human resources :
    • Expert advice on the latest strategic trends in marketing and sales
    • Thematic podcasts with leading specialists
    • Reviews of new digital tools. We test them for you!
    • Capsules with tips and tricks on the most used digital tools
    • Remote training accessible at all times
  • Free registration for thematic online meetings (subjects to be confirmed)

Participation fees

  • Tech Member
  • $1350*
  • Additional participant
  • $800*
  • Affiliate Member
  • $1350*
  • Additional participant
  • $800*
  • Exhibitor
  • $1500*
  • (Exclusive to Tech Members)
  • Purchase of a table, in addition to the pass


* Taxes extra for all rates

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An opportunity not to be missed, for you and your business

Previously focused solely on the commercialization of technologies, the Big Bang AQT is introducing cross-functional content in operations, customer service, human resources, and of course sales and marketing, in its 2022 programming, to bring companies Quebec technos to a higher level of growth.

We invite experts in these fields, from private or public groups, consultants or people engaged in 2nd and 3rd cycle university studies, to share their knowledge, their lived experience and their innovative approaches within the framework of the Big Bang AQT 2022 which will take place from November 29 to 30 at the Center de Congrès de Saint-Hyacinthe.

Presentations can be held in different formats: conferences, panels, training workshops, moderation of round tables, or even in the form of an interview.

All proposals will be evaluated by the members of the event committee. Presenters from technology companies, approved by the committee, must register at their own expense for the event to confirm their presentation in the program.

Dates to remember

  • Deadline to submit an application: September 1st, 2022 (5:00 p.m.)
  • Notification of acceptance of the application: September 30, 2022
  • Deadline to register for the event: October 15, 2022
  • Submission of the preliminary presentation: October 30, 2022
  • Final presentation submission: November 15, 2022

The deadline for submitting an application has now passed.



A unique experience not to be missed!