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03 May 2021 | Grants-for-Start-ups programme  News 
mdf commerce launches the Grants-for-Start-ups programme in collaboration with the AQT
12 April 2021 | COVID-19  News 
Towards the Digital Transformation of Quebec Retailers
11 February 2021 | Provincial Budget  COVID-19  News 
Stimulate the economic recovery in collaboration with the techno community
22 January 2021 | News 
New President of the United States: What impact for our tech industry
18 November 2020 | News 
Update on Québec's economic and financial situation
08 October 2020 | BIG BANG  News 
A study presented at Big Bang AQT demonstrates how to trigger purchasing behavior for tech solutions
10 February 2020 | CEO Vision  News 
Paul Raymond wins the 2020 Investissement Québec CEO Emeritus Award
22 January 2020 | News 
More than 1,400 leaders from the tech industry were invited to cast their vote
04 June 2019 | News 
Government efficiency will be digital
22 March 2019 | News 
First budget Girard: a budget that opens the way to digital for the economic development of Quebec