AQT Shares Recommendations on Bill 14 Promoting the Digital Transformation of Public Administration

AQT Shares Recommendations on Bill 14 Promoting the Digital Transformation of Public Administration

Montreal, May 14, 2019 – The Quebec Technology Association (AQT) presented this morning the recommendations of its memoir to the parliamentary committee on Bill 14, the Act to promote the digital transformation of public administration. If adopted, this law will facilitate the implementation of projects in designated information resources of governmental interest by the Conseil du trésor.

« From the point of view of the Government of Québec’s goal of a digital transformation to improve its efficiency and services to citizens, allowing the sharing of data between departments and agencies becomes a central element of this transformation “, says Nicole Martel, President and CEO of AQT. The AQT is thus in favor of the adoption of this bill, insofar as it will accelerate the digital transformation of the State. »

However, the AQT’s reflection on Bill 14 brought to light some questions and issues. For a number of years now, the AQT has been involved in the ministerial reflection surrounding the digital transformation of public administration and it is in continuity with this approach that it presented its reflections this morning in parliamentary committee :

  • The government has a lot of data and information that can lead to significant progress in terms of services to citizens, research and economic development of Quebec businesses and citizens. The SMEs represented by the AQT can certainly contribute to the valorization of the governmental data, so as to offer better services to the citizens or to the public administrative apparatus.
  • In order to protect the DNA of Quebec’s information heritage, the government must strengthen its data protection measures in order to ensure that it has the appropriate level of trust with individuals inside or outside the government, researchers and students, as well as businesses, by putting in place the appropriate control mechanisms.
  • Like other governments, data will need to be classified and trusted third parties will need to be granted sufficient accreditation to access it.


Download our recommendations (in French only)

Finally, we believe that this reflection must be done with all the stakeholders that can contribute. As private companies that offer technology solutions and services are key partners and will be involved in projects that emerge from the Digital Agenda, AQT feels it is important to participate in this process.