A study presented at Big Bang AQT demonstrates how to trigger purchasing behavior for tech solutions

A study presented at Big Bang AQT demonstrates how to trigger purchasing behavior for tech solutions

Montreal (Quebec), October 8, 2020 – An exclusive study carried out among buyers of technologies in medium and large companies in Canada and the United States, allowed the participants of the first day of the 18 edition of the BIG BANG, forum annual on the marketing of technology solutions organized by the Association québécoise des technologies (AQT), to know the typical portrait of buyers of technology solutions.

The data analyzed comes from more than 500,000 surveys conducted by Valuegraphics, a company founded by keynote speaker David Allison, after a special request from AQT in partnership with member company, Devolutions. Unlike a personalized study for a specific asset, these results apply to the entire industry.

The study presents very detailed data that allows us to paint a portrait of decision-makers based on their business practices, their needs and their major issues. The survey revealed 5 typical “personas” between technology purchasing decision-makers and how to trigger purchasing behavior with a discourse and service offering based on their expectations and the values ​​that drive them.

“There was no tool for deeper thinking about the values ​​that motivate these decision makers and the steps to influence their buying behavior. The personalized data from this study is an invaluable asset to our members, especially in this time of uncertainty “,  said Nicole Martel, President and CEO of AQT.

In addition to daily habits, in recent months, the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up the way we work and our relationships with customers as we never would have envisioned. Relationships with customers were built with experiences lived over time with online and physical interactions in their journey. This analysis confirmed a few hypotheses, for example, the large role that sense of belonging (67%) and relationships (62%) play in influencing purchasing decisions.

“While there have been several changes in the way we work and interact with our customers over the past few months, companies need tangible guidance, practical tools and relevant strategies to increase their sales. We are no longer doing business as before and we must learn to sell intelligently to preserve the financial health of companies and stand out from the competition. “, Nicole Martel added.

Without a doubt, the main issue mentioned by buyers of tech solutions concerns security (74%). “ The need for security expressed in such a pronounced manner is exceedingly rare and specific to the profile of tech decision-makers. Recognizing this need, tech companies like ours offer privileged access, password and remote connection management solutions specifically designed to help companies efficiently manage their technology infrastructures and strengthen security. of their systems and to increase the productivity of their teams ”, said David Hervieux, Founder and President of Devolutions.

When it comes to personal values, for all “personas”, the priority of 81% is family, followed by personal growth (77%), health and personal well-being (75%). However, if we consider only the workaholics, who make up 38% of the group, financial security comes first with 94% importance. The full results of the study were shared exclusively with more than 200 sales and marketing decision-makers from Quebec tech SMEs attending the event.

About the Big Bang AQT 2020

This edition will feature an all-virtual formula, focused on customer experience and enriching digital marketing sales strategies in our industry. The program offered on an interactive web-based virtual platform offers 3 more half-days: October 29, November 24, and finally December 15 with the presence of Jeb Blount. Jeb is one of the world’s most respected and best-selling authors on sales, leadership and customer experience. Registrations are open before October 28 at https://www.aqt.ca/big-bang/inscription-infos/

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