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Ransomware is Pure Extortion

Ransomware attacks are basically organized theft. While these attacks will cause you great angst and grief as you rush to find a way, any way, to get your data back, they are created to turn your focus away from areas that require your full attention.

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How to Deal with a Ransomware Attack: 5 Key Steps to Consider

In 2020, every 10 seconds a new organization became a victim of ransomware and an estimated $20 billion was paid out to criminals

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Today’s major cybersecurity threats

Ransomware, data theft, production disruptions, software supply chain attacks and blackmail. This is what the IT threat landscape looks like in today’s hyperconnected world. And, depending on the context and environment, multiple vectors can be exploited at once.

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Cybersecurity: A Competitive Advantage for SMEs

Now more than ever, information security is central to business growth. In fact, it’s essential for their survival. This is true for all SMEs.

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7 signs you might need a new detection and response solution

ncident detection and response technologies are evolving rapidly to meet the growing threats of an increasingly connected world.

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Why should an SME acquire ERP software?

Being at the head of a small or medium-sized business very often means working with a team to work miracles on a daily basis. But it is also, wishing to have the same tools as large corporations to evolve. Opting for an ERP? Why deprive yourself of it? Discover here all the reasons why an ERP system is an advantageous and interesting choice for SMEs.

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The importance of KPIs for the success of your business

There are different ways to measure the success of your business. View your profits by month or analyze your growth over a period of time. However, if you want to visualize the evolution of your business, it is essential to examine your KPIs. Discover the importance of KPIs for the success of your business.

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The Registration of a Trade Name with the Business Registry: A False Sense of Security

A business’ tradename is at the heart of its identity and defines, in great part, the relationship between the business and its clientele. At the dawn of the post-COVID era, it may be necessary for some business organisations to re-evaluate their trademark protection strategies.

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How Telecommuting Transforms The Application Of Non-Competition Clauses

The advent and development of information technology have proven to be a catalyst in the growth of new forms of work. Among these, teleworking has become common practice and is overturning traditional methods.

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What Are the Implications of the End of EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework for Your Business?

On July 16, 2020, the European Court of Justice struck down the validity of the Privacy Shield Framework on data transfers between the European Union and the United States in its long-awaited decision Facebook Ireland Ltd. v. Maximillian Schrems.

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R2i can help you develop the right cloud solution for your needs, oversee the migration and manage it for you.

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Digital identity central to business resilience

Who are you really? It’s a question that preoccupies philosophers but also experts in digital identity, the cornerstone of cybersecurity. Pierre Roberge, General Manager of the Digital Identity Laboratory of Canada, sheds light on the subject.

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Entrepreneurs: You can change the Quebec economy

Small and medium business owner in Quebec, this message is for you. According to the latest statistics from 2019*, Quebec has a total of 255,947 companies with at least one employee. Of those, 254,645 are SMEs. Your strength in number means that you will be a major vector in the economic recovery in Quebec, as long as you innovate and take advantage of all the growth opportunities.

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Data processing and the ensuing need for efficient and secure storage solutions are at the center of most organizations’ business and as a result, the presence of data centers is expected to increase considerably in the coming years.

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Corporate cybersecurity: best practices you need to know

Recent headlines tell the story: no company is really immune from cyberattack. The question is not when your organization will get hit, it’s how hard.

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Sun Life Platinum offers a range of tax tools and solutions to local companies and businesses. Don’t sacrifice access to your investments with cash values while enjoying the significant tax benefits of life insurance for a corporation.

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Business Planning Overview

Conversation for every stage of your business growth

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Estate Planning Guide : A Guide for Business Owners

Plan an organized, tax-efficient transfer of your business and personal assets.

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Business Succession Planning : A Guide for Business Owners

A Strategy to maximize personal financial security upon the transfer of business ownership.

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Business Continuation Planning : A Guide for Business Owners

Help protect the profitability and viability of your business.

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