Established in 1987
154 employees
88 clients, 69 outside Quebec
Innovation, the core of sucess in Croesus

If Croesus today holds 45 % of the Canadian market in its sector , thanks to the dedication of its employees and its continuing efforts to maintain expertise and foster innovation. Devoting half of its expenditures to the continued evolution of wealth management solutions, Croesus ensures to offer its customers a sustainable competitive advantage .

Speaking to financial institutions, Croesus offers a SaaS platform that 750,000 financial transactions are processed daily . Around 6300 investment professionals can connect simultaneously. These are distributed in nearly 100 customers , including three of the six major Canadian banks.

Since launching its portfolio management software in 1987, the company has always innovated according to market developments . It adopted, in 2000, the SaaS model which eliminates customer’s constraints related to the operation of equipment and availability of resources. In 2009, it also introduced mobile access and propose a modeling and rebalancing portfolios tool  in 2015. In addition , business intelligence solutions are being developed and will be offered in 2016 .

With over 150 employees, Croesus pays attention to thoroughly understand the operations of its customers in order to meet their distinctives needs  in wealth management. This specialized expertise allows the company to adapt its solutions to the increasing of regulatory requirements that wealth management firms are submitted. Over the years , Croesus has built its reputation on its ability to develop and implement solutions in an efficient manner, to migrate complex historical data and to provide accurate performance calculations.

Its partnership approach facilitates its customers – large and small – to achieve their goals. To do this, specialists at Croesus share their best business practices and support customers during the various phases of implementation and adoption of their solutions.

With his fame , Croesus income grew by 170 % over the past five years. Ranked among the Best Managed Companies in Canada in 2014 , the company has jumped 62 places in the ranking in 2015 of the largest Quebec SMEs , finishing 231st rank. She started to storm the US market in 2013 , where she developed strong partnerships. Croesus expects that by 2016 , over 60 % of its turnover is generated outside Quebec.




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