Reunion in 2022! A word from the CEO of AQT

Reunion in 2022! A word from the CEO of AQT

First of all, on my own behalf and that of the entire team, we wish you a 2022 filled with happiness, health and stimulating challenges.

I would have liked this message not to be colored by the words pandemic, COVID, Omicron, social distancing, etc., but it will be very difficult, because it is unfortunately what has monopolized our attention since the end of the month of December.

The enthusiasm we had to finally hold a “real” event in January for the PME en lumière competition was shared. However, in all optimism, we assure you that it is only a postponement and hope to organize it on February 22nd.

After the cancellation of the 2021 edition of Vision PDG, we had postponed its holding to the end of March 2022, as a preventive measure. We are confident that we can maintain it in March, however, we are also exploring other dates if conditions require it. Rest assured that we will not compromise on your health and safety and that we will inform you of any changes.

Benevolence, solidarity, mobilization, these are words that I hope resonate with all of you. The AQT really needed you to represent you with all the dynamism you know. We need to know that you are involved and mobilized. In addition, I take this opportunity to thank you warmly. It is more than 500 members and an unprecedented number of participants in our events that have motivated us throughout the past year. We have been proactive and listening to you at all times. See for yourself with our annual review.

It must be said, our DNA has been damaged in recent months. It is less obvious to develop your business relationships, profitable partnerships or even lasting friendships. We are aware of it and we miss it too. Strong and resilient, just like you and your businesses, your Association has put in place more than interesting opportunities to pursue its mission. Our wish is that you use it as much as necessary. See or review what it is.

In conclusion, I thank the members of the team, the members of the committees and the board of directors as well as our partners with whom we work hard so that our industry can continue to evolve in the best possible conditions!

Happy New Year to all and looking forward to seeing you again soon!

Nicole Martel