New President of the United States: What impact for our tech industry

New President of the United States: What impact for our tech industry

With the arrival of Mr. Biden as president, we see that the United States is taking a fairly strong position on the subject of protectionist measures. On January 27, President Biden signed an executive order to get the United States government to purchase more goods and services from American companies. This new decree will affect Quebec companies that aim to offer their solutions to American government institutions and we are also concerned about those already present in these institutions since, at the time of renewals, these agreements will be subject to stricter rules.

Nicole Martel, CEO of AQT, fears that more Quebec tech companies will be “invited to establish entities, or even move to American soil in order to create local jobs”.

As for private American companies, they are looking for the best solution at the best cost. In general, Quebec companies are doing well. Without being the least expensive, our technologies are highly rated around the world. The fact that Quebec companies are typically specialized, either for a vertical or for a specific function with customers, works to our advantage.

Members also spoke about the rise of more protectionist practices in various markets, despite the trade agreements in place. This will be an item followed by AQT.

In conclusion, we ask ourselves whether American buyers will demand job creation in their territory and whether this practice is not likely to result in the displacement of jobs to the targeted markets?

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