EXIA: Unique Expertise and Innovative Business Intelligence Solutions for Organizations

EXIA: Unique Expertise and Innovative Business Intelligence Solutions for Organizations

EXIA – SME of the month of February 2017
Founded in 2010
Almost 60 employees and collaborators

EXIA specializes in business intelligence (BI), analytics and data management. With its extensive expertise, EXIA provides customers with state-of-the-art solutions to help them make quick and informed decisions that increase their competitive edge.

To achieve this, the company has acquired and developed methodologies and tools to manage the complete information lifecycle, either in project mode or in “managed services” mode. From the capture and hosting of data to their operation, EXIA supports its clients in their processes, challenges and evolution. As such, it uses predictive analysis, large data and cloud computing. Specializing in technology, EXIA nevertheless works to offer business solutions first and foremost.

Acquisitions and partnerships

It is in this spirit that in 2015 and 2016, EXIA acquired vCube Solutions, a financial software solution provider and GTO Informatique, a company specializing in infrastructure management for SMEs and clinics. In addition, EXIA is Microsoft’s preferred partner for cloud computing platforms, data platforms and data analysis.

EXIA ‘s acquisitions and partnerships support the strategic deployment of its commercial offering by providing the expertise, technology infrastructure and call center required for its operations, as well as enhancing its customers’ access to local services. EXIA has been well positioned to serve all organizations, whether small, medium or large. Thanks to the democratization of BI tools, facilitated by cloud computing, SMEs can also benefit from business intelligence.

Successful knowledge of trends, best practices and advanced technologies

EXIA is committed to provide innovative and flexible solutions that meet the business and performance needs of its clients, and invest time and money in technology monitoring and training for its employees. Like all the company’s specialists, who are one of the pillars of the group’s success and strength, the partners retain a very current knowledge of the field by continuously fulfilling customer mandates and supervising the execution of all projects.

EXIA’s efforts quickly paid off. The company grew 488% of its revenues between 2010 and 2012 and rose to 38th place in the annual PROFIT HOT 50 ranking. The company entered the prestigious Canadian Branham 300 – In the category “25 Up and Coming ICT Companies”, which includes an eminent group of 25 particularly innovative organizations. Since then, she has maintained her presence and improved her rank every year in this prestigious ranking. In fact, EXIA’s clientele is expanding, reaching almost 200 organizations, mostly located in Quebec. Over the past year, a breakthrough has been made in the United States and management wants to continue in this vein.

EXIA’s long-standing successes are based on three fundamental values, which mobilize its teams of specialists: developing sustainable partnerships, constantly improving and enjoying themselves every day.



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