AQT has launched its "5@7 Entrepreneur Journey" season with Alain Lavoie, CEO of Irosoft, in Montreal

AQT has launched its “5@7 Entrepreneur Journey” season with Alain Lavoie, CEO of Irosoft, in Montreal

Montreal, November 30, 2018 – The Quebec Technology Association (AQT) launched its “5 @ 7 Entrepreneur Journey” season on Thursday, November 29, with the presentation of Alain Lavoie, CEO of Irosoft, who was able to captivate us with its incredible course.

Among us, from left to right Alexandre Krivicky, AQT; Frank Trentadue, EDC; Alain Lavoie, Irosoft; Nicole Martel, AQT; François Létourneau, JLL; Marie-Claude Frigon, Richter and Zeeshan Fazal, EDC.

The Quebec Technology Association (AQT) held its first edition of the “5 @ 7 Parcours d’entrepreneurs” season with a presentation by Alain Lavoie, CEO, Irosoft.

Bringing together a hundred leaders in a relaxed atmosphere, Alain Lavoie has infused his passion for mathematics and his entrepreneurial instinct. It was with great generosity that he expressed to us that “… to last 23 years and continue, it is essential to keep a balance between work and family and to have partners such as my long-time accomplice, René-Luc Morin. This allows Irosoft to take up all the challenges and above all, to continue to innovate. In fact, he proudly mentions that his AQT business network was able to support him in growing his business by meeting the right people at the right time.

5@7 AQT entrepreneurs course

AQT’s “5 @ 7 Pathways to Entrepreneurs” feature leaders who demonstrate leadership and who, in their own way, contribute to advancing technology use and growth. ‘industry. The guest, presents her career and follow dynamic exchanges in a friendly atmosphere!

Our next appointment is January 24 in Montreal, with the journey of 3 CEOs, Joé Bussière (CEO, Libéo), Martin Theriault (CEO, Eddyfi) and Renaud Lavoie (CEO, Embrionix).

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