“WOMEN IN IT” Mentorship project from AQT takes a major step

Lancement du projet "Femmes en TI"Montréal (Québec), April 12, 2016 – The Quebec Technology Association (AQT) has achieved a major milestone in its Women in IT Mentorship Project, funded by Status of Women Canada and is aimed at women working within the industry.

Twelve female professionals/entrepreneurs were partnered with men and women mentors drawn from the ICT sector at the end of the first training day. The mentor group, made up of successful entrepreneurs and well-known executives, will support their mentee over a period of 12 months. This crucial step will serve to validate the preparatory work initiated in May 2015. The 12 dyads are preparing to discuss specific issues such as leadership, networking, work/family life/education balance, and the creation of a long-term professional vision.

The objective of the Project is to enable women working in ICT to access senior roles within their organizations and support them in their quest for growth, thus assisting their economic progression.

To this end, last January the AQT launched a recruitment campaign to identify an initial cohort of women wishing to obtain support for their professional journey. Among the 30 requests received, twelve female executives and entrepreneurs were assigned a mentor for a period of one year. At the end of this period, an external evaluation of the Project, including validation of learnings, will be conducted, leading to the final step in the process: the institution of a referral centre to provide support tools and a mentorship toolkit.

“As our industry faces a dual challenge of recruiting qualified resources and retention, she cannot afford to pass up talent. As a result, we want to create conditions that are favourable to women advancing their careers and most importantly, remaining in the ICT industry. This will bring a breath of fresh air to this critically important sector of the Quebec economy,” said Nicole Martel, AQT CEO.

“Women in IT” Mentorship Project

The “Women in IT” Mentorship Project rests on a supportive relationship founded on mutual respect, trust, confidentiality and commitment, where an experienced man or woman mentor supports a mentee in her journey toward personal awareness and development. The 12 selected dyads will meet monthly for one year, supported and aided by AQT resources.

« Our mentees are excited to participate in the development of ICT industry. They are also aware of the increased role they can play and in turn, they will allow a greater number of professionals to walk in ICT,” notes Virginie Gaquière, Project Coordinator

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