Training: Remote IT sales

Training: Remote IT sales

Our world has changed. More than ever, business is virtualizing and the day-to-day efforts of sales teams in the IT industry are no exception. This reorganization of work brings its challenges, but also its opportunities. In such a context, how can we adjust our sales process in order to access higher levels of performance?

Organization of a productive workspace. Attitude conducive to distance selling. Online prospecting and business development techniques. Management of objections and negotiations. This six-hour training, to which is added an hour of personalized coaching, will allow the rapid adoption of reflexes with proven effectiveness. An event not to be missed for the return to growth in a transformed economy!


At the end of this training, you will be able to:

  • Find your points of reference in a virtual sales environment
  • Acquire new customers despite the distance
  • Maintain your sales to existing customers despite the distance
  • Improve your productivity through virtual sales
  • Complete a complete sales cycle in virtual mode



BLOCK 1 – Introduction & adjusting your sales process to a virtual environment (November 20)

  • How has the sale changed?
  • Develop and maintain the relationship at a distance
  • How to complete the steps of the distance selling process
  • Remote product demonstration
  • Structure of a distance selling meeting
  • Recognize and manage resistance in virtual sales
  • What tools to use and when to use them


BLOCK 2 – Do a good telephone prospecting & carry out online business development (November 27)

  • Use the phone efficiently
  • Positioning statements
  • Give your prospect a reason for wanting to meet you
  • Make virtual appointments
  • Introduction to social selling
  • Generate leads through social selling
  • Reach new markets


BLOCK 3 – Best Practices for Virtual Delivery (December 4)

  • Organize a productive workspace remotely
  • Control your environment (noise, distractions, connection) and manage expectations
  • Equipment – the 3 keys: sound, image, light
  • Platforms – advantages and disadvantages
  • Tactics to develop sales virtually
  • Motivate yourself from a distance and replace proximity
  • Manage objections and negotiate remotely
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  • Send feedback
  • Side panels


Regular rate: $ 495
Preferential rate for AQT members

The training was designed for outside sales representatives and inside sales representatives, as well as sales managers, regardless of their level of experience.

Friday, November 20, 2020  to Friday, December 4, 2020

From 9 am to 11 am

Member Preferential rate for AQT members
Non-member $495


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