Season Kick-off Cocktails

Start the year on the right foot!

Whether you are an executive of a tech company, a marketing director or a business development manager, start the season on the right foot by participating in cocktails exclusive to members of the AQT. Discussions with other leaders in the sector, new meetings, technology, music and more will always be on the menu. If you are at the first or tenth participation, you are welcome, but remember to always RSVP.


Thursday, September 14th, 2023
(5 pm to 7 pm)

Genius Solutions
1170, blvd. Lebourgneuf, # 301, Quebec, QC, G2K 2E4)


Thursday, September 21st,  2023
(5 pm to 7 pm)

Maison Alcan (Atrium)
1188, Sherbrooke W. St., Montreal, QC H3A 1H6

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William Butler Yeats
Poet, dramatist, writer and politician

« Let the little genius have his way and have a good time; the mind of the great genius is never on vacation. »

Hobbies, passions and … dreams! All in one place.

What are you doing outside of work? What are your passions and your reading topics? What are you secretly dreaming about? AQT cocktails offer the opportunity to discuss certain common interests with your peers, but also to discover their hidden facets that you never imagined during your previous meetings. So, take advantage of this moment of renewal to discuss what interests you most in a friendly atmosphere.


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