Established in 2008
14 employees
115 clients, 25 outsite Quebec

Leading Boards : effective management of CA and committees

Founded in 2008, Leading Boards develops and markets a web portal specifically designed for the management of boards and committees. This is a promising area: 81% of CA use digital documents in varying degrees according to the Collège des administrateurs de sociétés. Leading Boards has doubled its sales every year since 2013. Globally , more than 6000 administrators use the portal in over 500 meeting rooms. This clientele consists of privates, institutional and government organisations from all sectors .

Hundreds of pages of documents are generally used in one sitting of the board. Leading Boards’ solution eliminates the need to search for documents needed to prepare the meetings. Minutes , agendas , records, company policies, financial statements and other relevant documents are stored in the portal in a highly secure manner. Administrators can easily access it from a computer or tablet, so the IT staff and administrative assistants do not have to handle confidential documents . Meeting preparation is much faster, and security is much more reliable. This results in savings of up to 70% for management boards and committees .

The success of Leading Boards are explained by a close adaptation to customer needs . The board members, whose average age is about 60 years old, are not the generation of new technologies: they are looking for a user-friendly product. From a tablet, they can easily take advantage of advanced features of the tool. To protect highly confidential information of CA and committees , the portal has a very tight security, similar to banks. In addition, Leading Boards guarantees its customers that their data will be stored in their country , which exempts foreign regulators, including the USA Freedom Act (Patriot Act) in the United States. The Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD) and the Quebec Manufacturers and Exporters (CME ) chose Leading Boards as the preferred governance solution .

If the product version for iPad and Android tablets has played a leading role in the growth of Leading Boards , the opening of markets outside Quebec also counts for a lot . Thus , the company has quickly entered the market in France in 2014 and , in the space of just six months , revenues in this country reached the quarter Canadian revenues. In 2016 , over 30 % of Leading Boards income will be made outside Quebec , according to forecasts .

The third of the workforce of Leading Boards is dedicated to R & D and all surplus income is reinvested. To achieve this, Leading Boards has developed a very profitable business model based on SaaS (SaaS), providing customers with flexible payment modes and providing recurring revenues.


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