Established 2001
59 employees
623 clients, 215 outside Quebec



Komutel develops and markets innovative telecommunications solutions of high technology. With offices in St. Georges , Montreal and Toronto, the company specializes in network integration (unified telephony) and platforms (TI , IP voice, mobility , radio) .

Komutel created a solution for increasing efficiency and savings in the management of calls to 911 emergency services. Since 2013, the company has more than doubled its turnover generated outside Quebec in a proportion of 34%. 911 solutions represent one of the vector of its growth. This offer has already generated nearly $ 1.5 million of revenue. That said, the public security market offers a high potential business in Canada and North America.

The innovation consists in a platform called ” NG9-1-1 “. It facilitates the transition from E911 to NG9-1-1 for communication of automatic location identification (ALI) from a cell center to 911, and the X25 protocol to IP. The platform includes several solutions : management of unanswered calls ( UCMS ) management of standard procedures (SOP) , the call accounting reports, recordings, distribution consoles, contact center , etc. The aim of the platform is to capture , sort, manage and automate the work of 911 centers while respecting its internal policies .

In addition, a survey done by industry customers of Komutel has allowed the company to determine that innovation makes perceptible a work load potential of 10% to 20% more roughly. The company created a communication server, the UCMS ( “Unanswered Call Management System”) to automate the management of this ‘new’ workload. Calls not received/with no answer often result in errors. The remaining calls consist of real emergency and must be treated in the shortest possible time if a police officer is commissioned on site, causing considerable expense. By automating the confirmation of the validity of the calls, the UCMS server can effectively treat dropped calls and avoids sending police without reason. The return on investment is therefore extremely quickly realizes, besides the timely management of emergencies and even saved lives.

The innovative aspect of the NG9-1-1 Komutel platformis  based on the fact that it gives the client controls of his operations by making management more effective on emergency measures, while allowing continuing shift changes affecting 911 services in Canada. Each customer , territory, region or district has policies and different tools. The platform offers the opportunity to revise and automate processes, which combines the use of Komutel’s tools and integration of technology permitted. It then becomes possible to address and resolve a significant number of major operational problems. Harmonizing the various media with the ability to integrate different vendors of RAO, the NG911 UCMS platform and its server is a unique offer in the world.



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