CEO of the year AQT - Investissement Québec 2023: Unveiling of the preselection

CEO of the year AQT – Investissement Québec 2023: Unveiling of the preselection

Montreal (Quebec), February 2, 2023 – The Quebec Association of Technologies (AQT) is proud to unveil the candidates preselected at the 20th edition of the prestigious PDG Prize for the Year AQT-Investment Quebec, which will be given as part of Vision CEO, the forum exclusively dedicated to CEOs of technological companies.

Launched in 2003, the CEO of the year AQT-Investissement Québec celebrates the achievements of CEOs which are a source of inspiration and pride for the Quebec techno-digital sector. This year, the price aims to recognize the CEOs who have stood out by their leadership, their growth strategy and their social commitment.

For its 2023 edition, the competition innovates by allowing CEOs who participate in Vision CEO to choose the finalists and to designate the one or the one who will be crowned CEO of the year AQT-INVESTISSEMENT Quebec. An independent jury, formed by experienced representatives of industry, has thus pre -selected seven CEOs.

Candidates preselected will participate in a panel, during the first day of the Congress Vision CEO, on February 7 at Delta Mont Sainte-Anne. Following this presentation, the CEOs on site will vote for their favorite candidates. This vote is equivalent to 30 points from the final note while the jury vote is equivalent to 50 points and the remaining 20 points are allocated on the basis of encrypted data. The 3 CEOs who will get the highest pointing will become the finalists of the CEO Prize of the Year AQT-Investment Quebec 2023.

The three finalists will be invited to submit their candidacy on stage during the Gala evening of the CEO of the year AQT-Instruction Quebec 2023, February 8, 2023. The ratings will be reset to this stage so that only the Votes of peers (CEO Technos participating in the Gala evening) are taken into account to top the competition or winner of the competition.

Peers will be invited to vote based on the following evaluation criteria: leadership, influence and social commitment. They will have certificates of action equivalent to 600,000, 300,000 and 100,000 shares. The CEO which will obtain the greatest number of actions will become the CEO of the year AQT-Investment Quebec 2023.

“Like the technology industry, the CEO of the Year AQT-Investment Quebec has also evolved over time, also focusing on the role and social responsibility of the CEO. We are honored to award this distinction to CEOs of companies who contribute directly for the Quebec economy and the influence of our techno community, and which are personally involved in other organizations with a social and philanthropic vocation. “Says Nicole Martel, president and general manager of the AQT.

“This year again, the list of finalists shows us that the Quebec technology industry is on the wind in the sails. These leaders push the business community always further by the inspiration they arouse and Investissement Québec is very proud to underline their success by associating at this price. The flagship sector of our economy, this industry and the actors who compose it contribute to the economic development of Quebec and to our advantageous international positioning, “said Guy Leblanc, Chairman and CEO of Investissement Québec.

Candidates preselected 2023 (alphabetical order):

Dominic is the embodiment of the innovative CEO. His mission is to wake up the world of work by showing that it is possible to do otherwise. To do this, he established in Moov AI, an unconventional organizational culture which puts great power in the hands of individuals. Rich in great management experience at GSOFT, Nexus Innovations and Pyxis, Dominic ensures that his colleagues have the tools and space necessary to develop and accomplish and, therefore, provide dazzling experience to their customers . And it bears fruit! Moov Ai has been quadrupled in the last 24 months, both in terms of turnover and team and has delivered projects to Pratt & Whitney, Metro, STM, Premier Tech, Merck, etc.


  • François Rainville – Averna

CEO in series, François built teams that have had strong international growths. Member of the AQT from the beginnings of the CPLQ, he is CEO of Averna, an engineering company present in 7 countries. Under its leadership, the company has sustained growth: almost tripled turnover and the number of employees (from 150 to 400), and also concluded successful international acquisitions. For 12 years, François Rainville has been actively involved in the Montreal youth refuge.


Holder of a baccalaureate in education and master’s degree in orientation, Marie-Christine Drolet has occupied roles of advisor, director, VP and DG. After 11 years as an employee, she jumps towards entrepreneurship by offering Atmanco as a 45th anniversary gift. Having become a single owner, she quickly increases the company, both in terms of income and innovation. A company specialized in psychometry (recruitment), Atman Co has evolved to become a talent management company offering innovative solutions to help companies adapt to new realities and transform their ways of recruiting, managing and developing their employees .


Mohamed began his career at Momentum Technologies as an analyst-programmer in 2006. Quickly he was able to demonstrate his leadership and joined the management team in 2009 to finally perform the functions of Managing Director in 2017. In 2017. In 2017. In 2017. In 2017. In 2017. 2021, Mohamed becomes CEO of Momentum Technologies following the realization of the company’s succession project. At the head of a young and invested management team, Mohamed pilots the growth of Momentum Technologies, notably valuing international recruitment, the use of French and the progression of internal career.


Samer Saab is the founder and CEO of Explorance, the main supplier of experience management solutions. Explorance combines data collection, automatic learning and assiduous work of more than 300 employees to support hundreds of organizations and higher education establishments. Explorance allows them to make concrete decisions every day by assessing the objectives of more than 20 million employees and students to promote a robust, committed and productive global workforce. Passionate about leadership, Samer has recently become a member of the New Champions community of the World Economic Forum.


Sarah Legendre Bilodeau has been changing data science for over 15 years. In 2018, she founded Vaidens with 2 female associates. She assumes the role of CEO and, under her leadership, Videens was able to develop a portfolio of more than 40 customers, from the SME to the very large company, both in Quebec and internationally. In 4 years, the company has more than 30 employees and employees, mobilized for the great satisfaction of its customers. Between 2015 and 2022, Sarah taught in HEC Montreal, mainly to master’s students in business intelligence and data sciences.


As Chairman and Chief Executive Officer since 2014, Vincent Godcharles has tripled the company’s turnover, as well as his number of employees (nearly 400 experts). Having materialized 8 acquisitions since his arrival, Vincent has helped to position Logient as an essential firm in TI. Vincent is also involved in various boards of directors, among others as chairman of the audit committee at the Télé-Québec Executive Council and as a member of the Father Sablon Foundation.


About the AQT

The AQT is a business network that ensures the development and influence of the Quebec technology sector. The AQT animates and represents the Quebec techno community by encouraging the digital turn, business opportunities between members and access to industry best practices.


About investment Quebec

Investissement Québec’s mission is to actively participate in Quebec’s economic development by stimulating innovation in businesses, entrepreneurship and buy -back, as well as growth in investment and exports. Present in all the administrative regions of Quebec, the company supports the creation and development of businesses of all sizes by means of adapted investment and financial solutions. Investissement Québec also offers many advisory services, including technological support offered by Investissement Québec-CRIQ. In addition, thanks to Investissement Québec International, she supports Quebec companies in their export projects, while ensuring the prospecting of talent and foreign investment in Quebec.



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