Nicole Martel

Endowed with undeniable leadership, she has rallied entrepreneurs, government authorities, and organizations linked to the sector to promote Quebec Province in the global technology market.

The appeal of entrepreneurship began early in Nicole’s life. In her early twenties, she teamed up with a colleague to start a commercial decorating company. Her partner took care of the artistic side, and Nicole took care of the business. But instead of seeing her entrepreneurial spirit flourish, she discovered what was essential to her: innovative ideas and the challenges faced by companies.

After a few years at the helm of the company she founded, an unexpected invitation gave her a golden opportunity to unite her two passions. In 1992, when she joined the AQT, Nicole’s career began to merge with the Techno industry development in Quebec.

While working with young innovative entrepreneurs, Nicole became aware of their management, financial, and sales needs. It would be necessary to know the competitors better and bring together potential partners to create a suitable environment for their growth. Inspired by novelty and challenges, Nicole has become the instigator of the main events that have marked the Quebec tech community over the past three decades. Thousands of businesses of all sizes have benefited from Nicole’s constant and diverse efforts to support their growth and advance their interests.

The involvement of the members eloquently demonstrates her unifying spirit. A networked woman, she actively participates in several business committees and serves on boards of directors, where she engages actively, notably by holding roles within the treasury and governance committees. She possesses the Canadian certification from the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD.D).

During her years of involvement in technology, Nicole Martel has established herself as a pioneer and builder of the digital world. She is a role model and an example for all women who hesitate to make their much-needed contribution to defining this digital universe. I wish, by this modest testimonial, to salute her immense contribution.

Éric Caire, Minister Delegate for Government Digital Transformation