Richard Brossoit



  • GRB Technologies : President
  • KCentrik (2013 – today) : Advisor to the President
  • Odesia (2011-2013) : Advisor to the President and growth acceleration
  • Ulysoft (2004-2012) : Shareholder and Chairman of the Board
  • InterTrade (2008-2010) : CEO, Administrator
  • Logibro inc (1985-2007) : Founder and CEO / +200 employees $23M
  • AQT (2002-2004) : Administrator and President of the Board
  • Elif (1980-1985) : VP Development


  • Solutions and service offering
  • Growth strategy
  • Management and leadership
  • Identification of targets
  • Transaction structure
  • Negotiations
  • Preparation of the company
  • Selection of the method of financing
  • Contacts with financiers
  • Conclusion
  • Market strategies
  • Contacts
  • Realization


Mr. Brossoit is an experienced entrepreneur and business strategist. In 1985, he founded Logibro. Under his direction, the firm became a world leader in the production of solutions for the travel industry. He completed several strategic acquisitions, allowing growth in Canada, the United States and Europe. His firm served prestigious customers, such as Transat, Disney and Expedia.  He sold his business in 2007. In 2008, he became President of InterTrade, an e-commerce solutions provider, where he completed acquisitions and tripled revenue. In December 2010, he concluded the sale of the company to Mediagrif. In 2011, he became Advisor to the President and Senior VP at Odesia, a public company specializing in business intelligence solutions. In 18 months, the company made 2 acquisitions and substantially increased its turnover. More recently, Mr. Brossoit  joined KCentric,  an e-commerce solutions provider, as Advisor to the President, in order to accelerate their international expansion.

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