Gilles Pépin

Gilles Pépin


  • HumanWare – Président
  • ExtensoTech – Co-fondateur et membre du conseil
  • Haptic Technology Inc. (HTI) – Co-fondateur et membre du conseil
  • VisuAide – Fondateur et président
  • Institut Nazareth et Louis-Braille – Consultant
  • DTI Télécom – Ingénieur de projet


  • 25 yearsof  experience in the creation, management and development of a company as president.
  • Knowledge of the small to medium enterprise management.
  • Implementation and management of several boards and advisory committees.
  • Development and implementation of many new products launched.
  • Expert in development and implementation of strategic plan.
  • Implementation of a distribution network in over 40 countries.
  • HR strength (has surrounded himself with an excellent management team)
  • Optimization of marketing and sales force
  • Detailed knowledge of venture capital, having conducted several rounds of financing in different contexts
  • Participation in several merger and acquisition transactions and corporate sale


Member of the Order of Engineers of Quebec and holds a Masters from the University of Sherbrooke and an Advanced Studies Diploma (ASD) from the University of Rennes in France in the field of digital speech coding . He also conducted research in coding speech at CNET (France) and then acted as a consultant for almost 5 years for a telecommunications engineering firm, before founding VisuAide / HumanWare in 1988.

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