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Discussion Groups

Discussion Groups

The groups “peer to peer” are meetings between peers allowing technological decision-makers to meet to share their concerns, to find solutions and enrich their knowledge by the experiences of the other participants.


  • CEO: for presidents and presidents
  • Marketing: responsible for marketing and communications
  • Sales: for VP Sales and Business Development
  • Women: for presidents
  • Human resources for HR managers ( training accredited by “l’Ordre des CHRA”)
  • Support and Customer Service
The meetings take place in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil and Quebec.
  • A series of 5 meetings of 2 hours each;
  • The meetings are spaced about 4 to 6 weeks;
  • The number of participants varies between 8 and 15 participants , one participant acts as spokesman;
  • Discussion topics and the calendar are specify at the first session;
  • According to the themes, a guest expert may be invited to enrich the discussion;
  • The meal is included.
$ 350 + tax for a series of 5 meetings
(Exclusive to the Companies Members of the AQT)