Christine Beaubien

christine beaubien


  • Finanacial angel and strategic consultation for PME
  • Fonds de Solidarité FTQ -Member of the Board, executive commity, ethics and governance, Investissement Secteur Traditionnel,  President of the Investment Committee Nouvelle économie.
  • Héma-Québec – Member of the Board, Audit committee, HR, President of the Ressources Informationnelles committee.
  • Expansion Québec – Member of the board and the HR Committee.
  • Oxfam-Québec – Member of the board and president of the FundingCommitte.


Funding & Acquisition/Fusion

  • Analyze and approbation for more than 1,5 billion of $ of investment in Quebec companies.
  • Self-investment in start-up by Anges Québec
  • Participation in several rounds of financing and merger transactions / acquisition

Gestion et développement d’une PME TI en forte croissance

  • Strategic Planification – Company position, analysis of issues , opportunities, growth strategies and medium term, aligning employees / shareholders on strategies
  • Gestion financière – R&D credits, rounds of private funding, fusion/acquisition
  • Marketing – sales team management , start-up plans , customer relationship management
  • HR Maneagement – Recruitment / engagement / retention, performance management , training
  • Communication and Marketing – increase brand awareness, media interviews , various recognitions.

Corporate governance

  • Experience on many Boards
  • Tips for healthy governance : allows the company to move to another stage of growth , improves lenders’ confidence , investors, potential buyers, facilitates the recruitment of strong leaders and helps to increase the valuation of the company .


Entrepreneur and manager, Christine Beaubien has a varied experience in SMEs and large enterprises. She is also a director of active and engaged society in the boardroom where she sits. Indicatively, she has been one of the artisans of the major overhaul of the governance conducted in 2014-2015 at the Fonds de solidarité FTQ. Ms. Beaubien is also a financial angel who invests in start-ups and providing strategic advice to SMEs. She was recognized “Woman must Technology” in the magazine PREMIÈRE EN AFFAIRES winter 2010-2011 edition.

As president, Christine Beaubien led the Versus operations, an outsourcer and IT developer which she was co-owner. Ms. Beaubien has also held key positions in various companies such as SGF, Bombardier Capital, EDC, the Ministère des Affaires internationales du Québec, Banque Paribas in Paris and Desjardins. She has also been director of C2MI (MiQro Innovation Collaborative Centre), Association of Women in Finance of Quebec and Manufacturers and Exporters of Quebec.

In addition to his Bachelor in Computer Management from the University of Sherbrooke, she holds an MBA from HEC Montreal and is a Certified Director (ICD.D) of the Institute of Corporate Directors (McGill-Rotman).


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