From September 30 to December 15, 2020

The Big Bang in the digital age

Relationships with customers were built by experience over time with online and physical interactions in their journey. In a time of social distancing, the challenges of marketing are even more difficult for companies. This is why the Big Bang 2020 is dedicated to completing the customer experience and enriching digital sales and marketing strategies in our sector.

Testimonies from the previous edition

Dive into an immersive virtual experience in real time!


You’ll find business leaders, elite salespeople, experienced marketers, and marketers eager to reach their goals while having their business and industry growth at heart.


The Big Bang is a very special event, because the atmosphere that reigns there is fueled by the enthusiasm of the participants, coupled with a strong sense of belonging to an industry recognized for its innovation. We are changing platforms, but sharing opportunities and content are essential.


The event will take place from September to December 2020, on a web-based interactive virtual platform (no downloads required). The monthly program offers more than 16 hours of content over 4 half-days, so you won’t have to sit at your computer for a full day.


  • No geographic limits
  • No displacement
  • More affordable rates
  • More appropriate time slot
  • Possibility of extending the engagement via reruns
  • Networking opportunities and unique exchanges

You will have access to listening and participation with keynote speakers, round tables, and parallel sessions to deepen in small groups specific topics and concrete tools, and this with a variety of experts. In addition, you will also participate in unique networking and exchange opportunities, virtual exhibitor fairs, team building , product launches piloted by experts, maintenance sessions without censorship, at the Gala Small and medium-sized businesses, blind meetings, group and private video chats and calls, presence tracking, interactive games, and much more!

Missed a live activity? No problem. You can access the recorded content at your convenience!

What can participants expect?

  • Refine your digital strategy in sales, marketing and customer service
  • Chat with recognized experts in the world in sales, marketing and customer experience
  • Interact with investors and suppliers of high-quality professional services connected to our industry.
  • Generate new partnership opportunities and new customers
  • Network remotely with peers in unusual ways
  • Work in small groups, discuss common issues , “benchmark”
  • Improve reaction speed and adaptability during and after unexpected situations
  • Access content adapted to your needs

A window on more than 140 international markets

The Big Bang is your opportunity to build trust with companies that are not only present in all sectors of the economy, but also have sales in more than 140 countries around the world. The wide variety of expertise increases partnerships opportunities.

SMEs' Techno make sales outside Quebec

Participants’ Profile

Highlighs and testimonies

« J’ai vraiment été impressionné par le calibre des présentateurs.
Franchement, je m’attendais à bien - mais j’ai trouvé ça excellent ! »

Patrick Ostiguy, Président
Accedian Networks
« Nous vivons des réalités différentes mais des défis similaires, et
c'est beau de voir tous ces gens-là se rassembler pour échanger. »

Sara El Bain
Directrice des ventes Connect&Go
« Ce que j’aime du Big Bang, c’est qu’on y regroupe les joueurs
de notre industrie et on est capables de discuter des nouvelles
solutions pour régler nos challenges au niveau marketing. »

Joe Bigio
Cofondateur et Vice-président exécutif Quovim C3
« Les sujets, les conférenciers, le matériel à explorer au Big Bang et
la camaraderie qu’on y retrouve font en sorte que je repars avec ma
valise pleine. »

Marie-Christine Legault
Vice-présidente, développement des affaires Pyxis Technologies
« Dès ma première participation au Big Bang, je suis revenu
avec des amitiés, des gens à qui je peux demander des conseils. »

Didier Gombert
Président Objectif Lune
« Ce que je trouve remarquable, c’est que de plus en plus
d’entreprises y nouent de nouveaux partenariats avec d’autres
entreprises. »

Nicole Martel
Présidente-directrice générale AQT
« Le Big Bang, c’est 2 jours d’action qui nous challengent et
nous évitent de nous complaire dans le statu quo! »

Steve Trinque
Président MXO – Agence totale

A unique experience not to be missed!

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