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David Allison is a human behavior expert, and the pioneer of Values Thinking. He is the founder of Valuegraphics, the first global database built to predict and influence the behavior of entire target audiences. He uses the Valuegraphics Database to provide behavioral insights for a roster of global brands, and in turn, donates his work to global humanitarian organizations like the Environmental Defense Fund and the United Nations Foundation.

To successfully sell to enterprise-level technology decision-makers, you must understand what they care about. Why? Because people are biologically and psychologically hard-wired to chase what they value. Ask a neuroscientist, a psychologist or a sociologist how people make every single decision in their life and they will tell you that what we care about, what we value, determines everything we do.

David will share the findings of research done just for the Big Bang conference: he knows what your customers are looking for. Based on 5 years of research and 500,000 surveys, he will show you exactly how to trigger the buying behaviors you want.

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“ The only thing you need to do to engage with anyone at any time is to understand what they care about most in their life and talk to them about that. Connect the dots between your offering, and what they value. It’s that simple. ”


Study of senior executive technology decision-makers in North America

To get the attention of enterprise-level technology decision-makers, you must understand what they care about; what they value. Why? Because human beings are biologically and psychologically hard-wired to pursue what they value. Now, for the first time, we have access to data about your audience: we know how to push their buttons. Based on 5 years of research and a half-million surveys, David Allison will show you exactly what buttons to push to trigger the behaviors you want.

Please note that the conference will be presented only in English.


His bestselling book, We Are All The Same Age Now: Valuegraphics and the End of Demographic Stereotypes was listed by INC Magazine as one of the top ten leadership books of the year, and Kirkus Reviews called it a “genuinely authentic contribution to the field of marketing literature.” David speaks globally about engaging and influencing target audiences, with custom data for every keynote address.


Never before has mankind changed so much so fast – but we still rely on outdated demographic stereotypes to understand groups of people and target audiences. Now there’s a better way to discover what matters to the people you are trying to motivate: a brand-new big-data tool that will change audience profiling for everything – forever. In We Are All the Same Age Now, David Allison, creator of Valuegraphics, explains how you can increase efficiency, create strategies that are eight times more effective, decrease internal politics around decisions, and be better equipped for disruption. He explains what Valuegraphics can do and offers the data samples and tools you need to get started using Valuegraphics immediately. He also shares how to make powerful values-based decisions throughout your organization and how to take your insights further. It’s time to change the way you see the world – and motivate more people more often – by embracing the power of Valuegraphics.

Besides his book, David thinks everyone needs to read A Whack on the Side of the Head. It’s old, but it still helps us all think outside the box.

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