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Alexis Robin

Partner, Vice President, Digital Experience, Alexis has been building the lg2 digital offering for almost 15 years. His background combines digital consulting, branding, advertising, UX, CX, content and CRM. He leads a team of 40 specialists in strategy, UX, UI, web and mobile development, as well as in data intelligence. Under his leadership, lg2 has received numerous awards from Créa, Boomerang, Marketing Awards, Cassies, Strat, Applied Arts, CMA and FWA. He also won the 2014 Digital Agency of the Year and Interactive Agency of the Year awards from Strategy Magazine and the Advertising & Design Club of Canada. As a teacher and trainer, Alexis likes to share his passion for brands, people and the links that technology helps to build between the two.

October 16th, 2019 at 10:30 am

Changes after changes

From personalization to social commerce, to conversational interfaces and alternative realities (AR / VR), technology has not stopped changing the way brands forge, maintain and connect with their customers. In this conference, Alexis Robin will explore the various upheavals that he has observed in recent years, as well as those he anticipates over the coming years in the areas of marketing, communication and customer experience.

Alexis Robin

“ Beyond the technologies, let’s never forget that we speak to humans made of flesh, bones and emotions. ”