The Quebec Technology Association (AQT) contributes to the influence of Quebec’s ICT industry companies as well as the growth of this economic sector. With its 500-strong membership, the AQT unites and supports ICT industry leaders by fostering skill development, business performance enhancement, and the advancement of commercial practices within the industry. A non-profit, self-funded organization, the AQT acts as a representative and public advocate for the industry, and is now Quebec’s largest ICT business network. To learn more, please visit the AQT website.


The Quebec Technology Association (AQT) supports business leaders in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry by helping them develop their skills and grow their organization.


AQT is recognized as the essential reference for its knowledge of the Information & Communications Technologies industry and for its expertise in developing supporting tools and methodologies that contribute to the growth of corporations within the sector.


Professionalism – Proximity – Integrity – Curiosity – Creativity – Commitment


  • Growing the industry’s reach and representation by leveraging our extensive network and advocating for the industry at various decision-making levels.
  • Helping businesses enhance their performance by providing their leaders with expertise and development programs.
  • Promoting networking and business partnerships by helping leaders connect and engage in business to business networking.


2015 : Office opening in Quebec city to better serve members of that region.

2014 : Representation aspect is increasing to various governmental levels. AQT is becoming an influencer. See public affairs actions.

2013: The AQT and its 10-member team move into a new facility in Cité du Multimédia for the greater convenience of its members.

2012: The AQT develops a triennial plan focused on three priority areas: Growing the industry’s reach and representation – Helping companies enhance performance by encouraging members to implement the industry’s best business practices – Promoting networking and business partnerships amongst members.

2011: Launch of the AQT Barometer to analyze business practices and gauge the state of the Quebec ICT industry based on four performance indicators: Human Resources – Innovation – Income – Marketing

2010: The 10th edition of CEO Vision welcomed a record number of participants. This annual event has proven to be an effective launch pad for new business, which is a critical factor of business growth.

The AQT’s 20th anniversary cocktail party is attended by more than 400 representatives of the Quebec ICT industry.

2009: The AQT innovates with its “Vision à l’Action” passport and the launch of the 123-Go Program for start-ups.

2008: Partnership with the Government of Québec for “Salon des TIC”.

2008: The Inter logiQ Network becomes the AQT and extends its offer from the CEO to the management team.

2007: The Inter logiQ Network announces its affiliation with three remote associations.

2006: The Network enters into agreements with major partners.

2005: Launch of the peer-to-peer interest group concept.

2004: The Inter LogiQ Network undergoes an organizational shift and confirms its role as industry representative to decision-making bodies.

2002: The CPLQ becomes the Inter LogiQ Network .

2002: First edition of the Big Bang Forum on ICT marketing.

2001: End of grants. Self-financing.

2001: Creation of CEO Vision exclusively for presidents of technology companies.

1992-98: Determination of priority issues and establishment of the first knowledge-sharing activities.

1991-92: Structuring and implementation. CPLQ reaches 125 members.

June 1990: Foundation of the “Centre de promotion du logiciel québécois”. Established under an initiative of the Quebec and Canada departments of Communications, the CPLQ exists to help Quebec software producers market their products and services across local and international markets.