Midis Expert of AQT offer a serie of conferences focused on inspiring business practices.

Each conference allows SMEs in ICT to access expertise from a variety of fields: legal, taxation, marketing, human resources, media relations , strategic planning, sales , etc.

The Midis Experts are there to enrich the strategic ” toolbox” of AQT technos members. This is why the MIDIS EXPERTS series is only for tech members.


Votre entreprise détient une expertise pertinente pour les PME des TIC et est membre de l’AQT? Complétez le formulaire ci-dessous pour contribuer à la boîte à outils de l’AQT et échangez avec 14 membres technos. Les frais de participation à titre d’expert sont de 1500 $ + taxes.

submit an application


Your application will be reviewed by a selection committee. It will aim to assess:

  • The profile and expertise of the speaker(s)
  • The issues identified by the intervention
  • An overview of the tips that will be delivered to participating SMEs

Visibility and tools available to speaker(s)

  • Email sent to Technos companies
  • Mention in the monthly Infolettre
  • Messages relayed on social media Twitter and Linkedin
  • Publication of the event on the website of the AQT
  • Adding the presentation to the reference center of the AQT
  • For purposes of preparation, the name of the participating companies sent 24 hours before your surgery (name, title, company)
  • Comments and Ratings sent to the speaker after the event
  • A pass for your conference